A bit about us

The band is composed of Hector (age 12) on the Vibraphone (not xylophone!), Calypso (age 9) on the Drums and French Kriss on the keyboards. They started accidentally a year and a half ago when Hector hijacked his Dad's new instrument and a vexed Dad sat down to join him on the keyboards and asked Calypso if she could knock out a simple beat... and the rest is 'history'. Hector is totally self-taught - he did his first gig aged 8 - and when Roy Ayers (best Vibraphonist in the world) saw him play, he was so impressed he insisted we stay in touch. After a busy summer last year gigging locally, the Trio recorded 'Volkanic' their first album, in Paris. Being home-schooled the children are able to focus on their music while their Mum and Dad learn maths again. Hector excels at Vibraphone, Piano, Drums and Latin Percussion. Calypso rocks the piano and drums. French Kriss is an international DJ and musician from Paris.